“Boraras Dream”

“Boraras Dream” seems an unlikely name for an aquascape. It does not stand for a scene from nature like a mountain range or a river, but it definitely depicts one. My inspiration when I started with this scape was to create a small cozy corner scene from a pond or a river with vivid under water life. I wanted to create a scape which would be a play ground for one of my favorite fish species which I had been trying to find for a long time. Every time I tried to find some Boraras sp. around town, they used to be some really emaciated specimens at an exorbitant price. Finally after looking around for a year I found some from an online retailer. My dream to own these dainty beauties finally came true and thus started the “Boraras Dream”.

10G ” Boraras Dream”

These  pictures were taken exactly 180 days after set up.

These pictures were taken exactly 180 days after set up.

Boraras Sp.

Boraras Sp.

Planting Scheme Diagram

Planting Scheme Diagram

Now the tank specs.
Tank: 10G with trim removed
Substrate : ADA Aquasoil II , Power Sand special and Tourmalin BC
Light: 65 W PC with 6700K
Filter: Aquaclear 30
Fertilizer: ADA Brighty K
Step 1
Step 2
Brighty Special Lights
Florish Iron
Green Gain
Green Bacter
Co2: ADA CO2 System 74-YA/ver.2 at 1 bubble/sec
Hardscape: ADA Blackwood and locally collected wood

1.Riccia Fluitans

2.Hemianthus callitrichoides “cuba”

3.Hemianthus micranthemoides

4.Hydrocotyle verticillata

5.Cryptocoryne Wendtii “ Brown”

6.Cryptocoryne Wendtii “Green Gecko”

7.Microsorium pteropus “Needle”

8. Rotala rotundifolia

9.Christmas Moss (Vesicularia montagnei)

10. Marsilea minuta

11.Cryptocoryne Willisii x Lucens

12. Echinodorus tenellus

Fish :

Boraras sp.
Celestichthys margaritatus
Ottocinclus sp.
Hisonotus leucofrenatus


Cardinia japonica
Neocaridina denticulata sinensis “red”(Red Cherry shrimp)


9 Responses to ““Boraras Dream””

  1. I have been a curious witness to all the efforts and hard work that you have put in daily to create this piece of art called the “Boraras Dream”.All the very best with this wonderful blog,it was about time you started one.I am and always will be your number one fan.

  2. bhushandalvi Says:

    Thanks a lot Preetam ! It means a lot to me.

  3. yup it’s really amazing…wonderful i must say…keep it up bhushu…nice blog…god bless u…

  4. bhushandalvi Says:

    Thanks a lot for all the compliments.

  5. Bhushan
    G8 blog!
    It would be great if you can blog on how to create a simple cost-effective tank with minimum purse budget for starters but the overall effect – stunning


  6. bhushandalvi Says:

    Thanks a lot Umesh!

  7. I LOVE this tank. Just beautiful!

  8. Bhushan Dalvi Says:

    Thanks a lot Traci for appreciating it!

  9. […] set up was started in the last week of September 2008 after I took down my previous set-up “Boraras Dream”. I used the same ADA Aquasoil for this set up without taking it out of the […]

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