September-October 2008 GHAC Newsletter

Greater Houston Aquarium Club (GHAC) is a new and upcoming aquarium club in the Houston (metro and suburban). GHAC is less than a year old but has been widely accepted by aquarium keepers through out Houston and the surrounding suburbs. This is clearly visible through the great turnout at their meetings and parties. The success can be attributed to some dedicated members who have put in a lot of time and effort to make this club active and efficient. Over the period of last six months they have had some great presentations and tours in co-ordination with NASH. GHAC is headed by their President Mr. Raul Turner and Vice-president Mr. Tim Bell.

Last week Tim asked my permission to use a couple of my articles from Aquamusing in their September-October 2008 GHAC Newsletter. I gladly permitted Tim to use my write ups on Hisonotus leucofrenatus and Hydrocotyle verticillata. These went in the “Fish of the Month” and “Plant of the Month” section of the newsletter. I am attaching a copy of the newsletter here:


GHAC official website: Greater Houston Aquarium Club


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