Hygrophila sp. ‘Araguaia’


I have been growing a few stems of Hygrophila sp ‘Aragaia’ emersed for about six months now. The stems were initially planted in a small 5gallon cube which has a 1.5” layer of old Aquasoil Amazonia II and Bright Sand. I had a 26 W 6700K CF bulb on it. The stems I initially got were grown submerged. I cut the top of the stems to approximately 2” and planted them. After not seeing any significant growth for about 3 weeks I moved them to my emersed Cryptocoryne set up. Initially the stems were planted in a pot with some Cryptocoryne willisii. After a couple of weeks I could see some improvements in the growth. The plant was putting out new leaves but the growth was very very slow. In December, 2008 I decided to plant the stems in their own pot and moved the pot directly under the 65W CF light I had over this tank.


Over the next few weeks the growth increased significantly but I would still consider it slow for a Hygrophila sp. Finally after six months it flowered for me confirming it was a Hygrophila sp.

hygrophila-sparaguaia11Beautiful lilac flower with sprinkle of lavender.


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