Houston Plant Fest 2009- Part 2


ADA 180P at ADG Gallery

The third day of Houston Plant Fest started early for some of the NASH members who volunteered to help Mike Senske prepare plants for his demonstration. Mike was gracious enough and offered to do a planted tank set up demonstration for the group which had gathered in Houston for the Plant Fest. The ADG Gallery was looking great as usual.

houstonpffinal33-1ADA Mini-M


The ADG Gallery also had  some great looking marine set ups.


houstonpffinal29-1As Mike and team prepared for the presentation some of the people who had arrived early spent  some time pouring over  Aqua Journals and gazing at the relaxing aquascapes in the ADG confrence room.

houstonpffinal24-1Ghazanfar And John

houstonpffinal35-1Ghazanfar, Thanh and Dave

Other than the beautiful aquariums, the ADG Gallery also has some interesting pieces of wood  on display.


Mike started his presentation with a brief introduction about his business and how he  and Jeff Senske have made Aquarium Design Group what it is today.

houstonpffinal27-1Mike was setting up a ADA 90P for this demonstration. He had decided to do a divided substrate set up with ADA Bright Sand in the front and AquaSoil Amazonia in the back.

houstonpffinal34-1John And Luis , helping Mike.

Mike’s demonstration was great as usual and was an amazing opportunity for people who had gathered to learn and discuss the intricacies involved in setting up a show quality aquascape.


houstonpffinal49-1The finished scape.

The Houston Plant Fest was graciously sponsored by Seachem Laboratories and Deep Sea Aquatics. Seachem had arranged for a lot of  free goodies for the people who attended the presentation at ADG.


Deep Sea Aquatics had donated an awesome  rimless tank setup to be raffled at the end of the presentation. Mary Beth, the winner of the raffle was definitely pleased with her prize.

houstonpffinal40-1Mary Beth excited about her prize.

After the presentation NASH had a impromptu plant auction. Kevin, did a good job as an auctioneer . There were some great plants to be had at dirt cheap prices.

houstonpffinal2-1Kevin trying to sell me some Anubias minima.

From ADG Gallery the group headed to a BBQ party at Valerie’s Lake House on Lake Houston. Valerie is one of the founding members of NASH and was kind enough to host the BBQ party at her beautiful lake house.

houstonpffinal41-1Valerie’s Lake House

I arrived a little late for the BBQ party and missed out on some of the delicious food Kevin’s dad had cooked. But  just hanging around with friends, having some drinks together and checking out the beautiful sunset from the lake house made up for it.

Overall this was a great weekend which we all enjoyed as a group. On behalf of NASH, I would like to thank all the people who participated in the Plant Fest 2009. A big thanks goes out to Aquarium Design Group, Seachem, Fish Gallery , Houston Aquarium Warehouse, Deep Sea Aquatics, Valerie and all the volunteers from NASH who made this  fun filled weekend possible.



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  1. Please, what is the size of first aquarium ?


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