Polygonum hydropiperoides


Polygonum hydropiperoides in my emersed Cryptocoryne set-up put out an inflorescence last weekend. P.hydropiperoides is native to both North and South America and is generally found growing along ponds and swamp margins.  Typically flowering from June through November,this plant had flowered for me in July of  2008 when I had just started my emersed set-up.


P.hydropiperoides is one of the less popular Polygonum sp. in the hobby. This is probably due to its less flashy colors as compared to the other Polygonum species.  P. hydropiperoides is a moderately difficult plant to grow submerged.


P.hydropiperoides has a straight upright growth pattern and tends to grow out of water if given a chance. Although this plant is not available from any of the aquatic plant nurseries it is easily obtained by collection throughout United States.

P.hydropiperoidesP.hydropeperoides growing in its natural habitat at Armand Bayou Nature Center, Pasadena , Texas.


2 Responses to “Polygonum hydropiperoides”

  1. Great pictures of a plant I don’t know.

  2. Bhushan Dalvi Says:

    Thanks Phillip. Yes, its a pretty uncommon plant.But I believe it has its own charm when grown properly underwater.

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