Brazos Bend State Park

In the last few weeks I have made a couple of trips out to Brazos Bend State Park (BBSP) near Houston after hearing about it from a friend. There are lot of aquatic plants around the park and some interesting wildlife. I could not do any collection here as this is a state park and collection is prohibited.


Echinodorus cordifolius were growing huge and were ominipresent around all the lakes.

BBSPTrip1 456FE.cordifolius flower


Polygonum hydropiperoides growing through out the park were in full bloom.

As I looked around the bank of the lake for more plants and was trying to reach for some Limnobium laevigatum (Amazon Frogbit) , this guy waited patiently for me to do a mistake.

BBSP 327-2F

This beauty had ventured quiet far from the lake probably to lay eggs.


Pistia stratiotes and this Hydrocotyle sp was also easy to spot along the lake.


BBSP 041FHydrocotyle sp

BBSPTrip1 329FNelumbo lutea (American lotus)

A view of the Elm Lake,  one of the few lakes in BBSP.

BBSPTrip1 347F

Sagittaria platyphylla was another plant common along the lake’s bank.

BBSPTrip1 408F

This yellow crowned night heron tolerated me quiet a bit as I kept on disturbing him as he hunted for his supper.

BBSPTrip1 279FThis guy was not so accomodating.

BBSPTrip1 284F

A sunset at 40-Acre Lake.

BBSPTrip1 164F


9 Responses to “Brazos Bend State Park”

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  2. Great photographs, really enjoyed this post.

  3. I like your pics. The croc is cool!

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  5. Natalie Holmes Says:

    I am writing to request permission to use your image of sagittaria platyphylla please. I am printing a community newsletter and want to advise the community to be on the lookout for it. Please email me if this is okay.

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