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Cryptocoryne pygmaea

Posted in Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra on November 24, 2009 by Bhushan Dalvi

Cryptocoryne pygmaea spathe

Cryptocoryne pygmaea is a relatively rare Cryptocoryne species from Philippines. It is an easy plant to grow in emersed culture. I have been growing it my freshwater crypt set-up since April, 2009. I used 80% ADA Aquasoil Amazonia and 20% pure laterite as the substrate to grow this crypt.

C pygmaea gets its name due to the very small spathe compared to the size of the plant. At times the kettle can be completely buried in the substrate with just the limb of spathe visible above. The kettle of  spathe in the above pictures was about half buried in the substrate. I had to slightly dig around base to expose the complete kettle.

Noticeable feature of the spathe was the rough inner surface of the limb. The spathe was about 3 cm in size. I wanted to slice open the kettle to take pictures of the male and female flowers but decided against it as the kettle appeared almost fused with the rosette.

If seen from the top the spathe is almost invisible with just the a small part of  limb sticking out. I spotted the spathe developing about 3 weeks back. The spathe finally opened up last Saturday.

Spathe two days before opening.


Staurogyne sp. ‘Low Grow’

Posted in Emersed Culture on November 22, 2009 by Bhushan Dalvi

Staurogyne sp. ‘Low Grow’ bloom.

I have been growing Staurogyne sp ‘ Low Grow’ for about 8 months in my emersed Cryptocoryne set-up. I have two more Staurogyne species (Staurogyne sp ‘Porto Velho’ & Staurogyne stolonifera ) growing along with this one under similar conditions and this one proves to be one of the slowest growing one for me. When I received a couple of stems initially they were grown submerged. It took a while for them to acclimatize to emersed culture. Finally Staurogyne sp ‘ Low Grow’ decided to flower yesterday. I think a recent increase in photo-period on my emersed set-up could have triggered the bloom.

 Staurogyne sp.’Low Grow’

Staurogyne sp ‘Low Grow’ grow very slowly in emersed culture even under good light. An interesting thing I observed with this species is its rate of growth does not change much even after moving it to a shaded location from a well light location. It grows about an inch every month in my experience under both high and low light conditions.