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Cryptocoryne zukalii

Posted in Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra on April 6, 2010 by Bhushan Dalvi

Cryptocoryne zukalii spathe

Cryptocoryne zukalii is one of the rarest cryptocoryne in the hobby. It is one of the crypts whose original collection locality is not know. This plant which I have in culture has a unique history. C zukalii was first collected and exported in the 70’s. Jan Bastmeijer got this plant from Robert A Gasser(Quality Plants, Florida, USA) around 1975. I got this plant from Ghazanfar Ghori last year who had got this plant directly from Jan.

C zukalii spathe typically has a long limb of  spathe which is almost perpendicular to the tube. This spathe was almost at a right angle to the tube. The limb was more or less smooth with pumpkin yellow color. The throat ends in a sharp border.

I have been growing C zukalii in a mixture Aquasoil Amazonia I, laterite and leaf mould in my freshwater set-up. Once I have a couple of extra runners I am planning to add one to my blackwater setup and see how it does.

The bud one day before opening.