About Me

Welcome to my blog AquaMusing. I am Bhushan Dalvi. Follow my blog to learn more about me and one of my passions  ” Aquascaping”.

Got any planted tank related questions? Write to  me at Aquamusing@gmail.com .


10 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Pradeep, Veena, Neel Says:

    Sup bhushan,,
    whats this “AQUASCAPING” ??????

    Veena says , u r doing something unique.

    will open scaping links later. bye for now.


  2. bhushandalvi Says:

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Wow, man, this is fantastic! Keep it up!

  4. bhushandalvi Says:

    Paul, Thanks for the encouragement ! Good to see you here.

  5. Ravi Sarkar (jhonty) Says:

    Nice blog and pics …….Keep it up !!!

  6. Pradeep, Veena, Neel Says:

    Hi Bhushan, whats up ? Incidently, i had last opened this blog a year ago. ur fish tank has grown into a thick jungle in water ( like dhankoli, just that it is above water).

    Neel ,nowadays , gets up early in the morning for studies , hence i cud get chance to open ur blog.

    ur Aquascape looks fantastic,

    Cheers !!

  7. Preetam Rane Says:

    Está mejorando con cada tanque…Estoy muy orgulloso de ti…te amo!!!

  8. Harshal Rajurkar Says:

    Dear Mr. Bhushan,

    This is my first mail to you.i have seen your work its great.I am also trying to set up a planted aquarium.for which i am gathering information.for the same i may need your help i hope u don’t maind.

    Harshal Rajurkar

  9. Bhushan Dalvi Says:

    Harshal, I am glad you liked my work. Let me know your questions and I will try to answer them in the best way I can.
    I hope you are aware of Indianaquariumhobbyist.com

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