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Posted in AquaMusing on September 20, 2008 by Bhushan Dalvi

AquaMusing- A name which would actually mean nothing to a lot of people. Aqua as we all know means water. Musing in all its generality means contemplation or meditation. Since I was a kid I had a lot of fascination for everything related to water. Traveling as a kid through the beautiful Western Ghats of India, getting a glimpse of a water body, even a small pond would light up my eyes. Water has a weird effect on me. It calms me when I am agitated, excites me when I am down and out. My musing starts with creating a piece of nature in my home in form of an aquarium.

This blog will be my journey through a rewarding hobby which I started as a kid. I have learned a lot of things from my own experience and observations through a period of over 15 years. Now don’t get any ideas! I am not a grumpy old guy trying to bore you. I would be more interested in sharing my experiences with fellow aquarist all over the world and learn as I travel new roads in this hobby of keeping beautiful fish in breathtaking planted aquariums.

Lets Start!