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Cryptocoryne zukalii

Posted in Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra on April 6, 2010 by Bhushan Dalvi

Cryptocoryne zukalii spathe

Cryptocoryne zukalii is one of the rarest cryptocoryne in the hobby. It is one of the crypts whose original collection locality is not know. This plant which I have in culture has a unique history. C zukalii was first collected and exported in the 70’s. Jan Bastmeijer got this plant from Robert A Gasser(Quality Plants, Florida, USA) around 1975. I got this plant from Ghazanfar Ghori last year who had got this plant directly from Jan.

C zukalii spathe typically has a long limb of  spathe which is almost perpendicular to the tube. This spathe was almost at a right angle to the tube. The limb was more or less smooth with pumpkin yellow color. The throat ends in a sharp border.

I have been growing C zukalii in a mixture Aquasoil Amazonia I, laterite and leaf mould in my freshwater set-up. Once I have a couple of extra runners I am planning to add one to my blackwater setup and see how it does.

The bud one day before opening.


Cryptocoryne pygmaea

Posted in Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra on November 24, 2009 by Bhushan Dalvi

Cryptocoryne pygmaea spathe

Cryptocoryne pygmaea is a relatively rare Cryptocoryne species from Philippines. It is an easy plant to grow in emersed culture. I have been growing it my freshwater crypt set-up since April, 2009. I used 80% ADA Aquasoil Amazonia and 20% pure laterite as the substrate to grow this crypt.

C pygmaea gets its name due to the very small spathe compared to the size of the plant. At times the kettle can be completely buried in the substrate with just the limb of spathe visible above. The kettle of  spathe in the above pictures was about half buried in the substrate. I had to slightly dig around base to expose the complete kettle.

Noticeable feature of the spathe was the rough inner surface of the limb. The spathe was about 3 cm in size. I wanted to slice open the kettle to take pictures of the male and female flowers but decided against it as the kettle appeared almost fused with the rosette.

If seen from the top the spathe is almost invisible with just the a small part of  limb sticking out. I spotted the spathe developing about 3 weeks back. The spathe finally opened up last Saturday.

Spathe two days before opening.

Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’ spathe

Posted in Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra on June 5, 2009 by Bhushan Dalvi

C.Florida sunset 7Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’ was introduced to the hobby by Florida Aquatic Nursery(FAN) in November of 2008 at the AGA convention.  It was not until March,2009 that FAN started shipping out this plant to its distributors. C.wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’ is a variant of C.wendtii ‘Mi oya’. In emersed culture the leaves are brown with shades of  pink and small amount of white.

C.Florida sunset 9C.wendtii ‘Florida Sunset’ is a easy plant to grow both emersed and submerged. It loses its variegated form underwater.This Cryptocoryne  is extremely easy to flower. My plant send out a spathe approximately one month after it was planted in my emersed set-up and has been putting out spathes continuously since then.

The twisted yellow limb of the spathe is clearly visible in the picture above. This is not typical of a C. wendtii limb which is generally reddish brown. The deep brown collar is fairly pronounced.

C.Florida sunset 11A cross-section of the kettle shows a short spadix.

Cryptocoryne ponterderiifolia & Cryptocoryne usteriana ‘Red’ spathe

Posted in Cryptocoryne & Lagenandra on February 11, 2009 by Bhushan Dalvi

The genus Cryptocoryne consists of  60 plus species of plant which can be found from India all the way to Papua New Guinea. I have been fascinated by this genus ever since I started in this hobby. About eight months back I started my emersed Cryptocoryne set-up just to save the extra plants I had from a tank I had taken down. Over the time my collection kept growing from a few odd pots in a small 10G to over 20 different species.

Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia flowered for me approximately four months after planting. The spathe on this plant started developing after I spotted the spathe on the C .usteriana ‘Red’ but the C.pontederiifolia spathe opened within a span of week.  The  collar and limb was beautiful yellow with a white throat.

C.usteriana ‘Red’ spathe took about two weeks to open up. The spathe was 8cm in length. The limb of spathe was deep yellow with a brownish uneven edge. This plant has be growing rigorously for me  putting out plantlets regularly.

This plant was simultaneously putting out another spathe when the first one flowered. It is visible in the picture above.